Tuesday, 24 July 2007


The hardest part of a divorce or break up is the loss the future. All the plans and things you could count on, like them being around. Now what??

On Sunday I got an update on a woman who has been my very good friend and support buddy through the IVF and pregnancy process. I hadn't heard from her in a while and have to admit that I had worried. Last week at 19 weeks pregnant she lost her twins. 19 weeks of plans and dreams and counting on that they would be around. 19 weeks!! 19 weeks. Such a short amount of time but enough time that you plan the rest of your life on it. You plan on change and upset and sleepless nights, you plan on the chaos and tons of laughter. 19 weeks of wondering what they look like, smell like and what their name is. 19 weeks of hope and excitment. 19 weeks is 4 and half months. Really no time at all but just enough to get really attached to the idea and fall in love.

I am 19 weeks pregnant.............


OK, all very valid points, BUT your friend, I am sure, has issues that you DON'T. Remember your ability to carry and keep has never been the issue...I have decided that it is impossible to live your life in fear of attachment, if you want to enjoy life anyway. Loss sucks to be sure, but the build up, the anticipation and the completion of MOST our dreams makes it all worth it. And in 6 days you will be 20 weeks. :) Damn, it feels good to be on the other side of this conversation! You will be fine, CUZ I said so! It's all good.

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