Wednesday, 21 February 2007


I am in the midst of getting weekly acupuncture. Every week in very different points then the week before. Sometimes for stress, sometimes for a very cleansing period, I know I know.....yuck right!?, and sometimes to increase my Chi. But I have been amazed at my body's reactions to the treatment.

The one point that I enjoy the most is right between the eyebrows, in my "third eye". I have never been so relaxed and easy going in my life. They say that it is a grounding point but to me it is like smoking pot. I feel a warm cozy feeling in my heart, relaxed and happy. I mentioned this to my acupuncturist and she said that I could achieve the same feeling with acupressure (not using needles but your fingers)The spouse has even noticed a difference in me, and has commented on how much easier I am to live with. I guess he really likes the change cause I woke up this morning with him intently poking my third eye.

Lil Miss Imitation
poking is so much better than probing lol
yoga is next girl:)
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