Saturday, 1 September 2007

Full of shit

Today while waiting in the car while the darling husband quickly went to the bank machine, a cube truck stopped at the red light beside the car. The side of the truck was advertising some mortgage company's commitment to me owning a home which I don't at the moment. The picture was a woman falling backwards from seated on a sofa because her daughter had obviously just run at her and jumped into her arms. The girl was slightly airborn and laughing down at her smiling Mom. Nothing was particularly strange about this ad other than the HUGE amount of bird shit on the poster including a big blob situated so it looked like it was coming out of the daughters open laughing mouth. Suddenly Moms smiling face seemed more like a look of terror and owning a home not the lovely experience I would assume.

Currently reading : Baby Proof By Emily Giffin Release date: 13 June, 2006

Nice, that is hilarious!