Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Finally Acceptable

So I've done it!! I got officially accepted to design school......NOW WHAT!?

I have been so focused on this that now I am second guessing everything. Do I really want this? Should I be doing this? Why am I doing this? Can we afford this? WHAT AM I DOING? I do this everytime I make a decision to do anything whether it be a new job, relationship, move of house. The day I signed the paper work to sell our house, suddenly maybe I liked the house and didn't want to move.....the day after I married the boyfriend of 5 1/2 years, maybe I don't want to be married, maybe this isn't such a good idea......and now school.....this is what I do, the fear kicks in, the "whether I can do this".......stupid right? Cause I can do anything....right?.......gosh, maybe I wanna.......

Currently reading : Me Talk Pretty One Day By David Sedaris Release date: 05 June, 2001

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

obsessive bloganitis

I found this new web site recently and I am obsessing over it. This is what I do..........

me likey alot. just wish she would update it more often

Lil Miss Imitation
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
i was wondering what i should be telling people i've caught...or
not actually sure it's contagious
and OMGoodness although it only says it's like 10pm's almost 2am and i have to be up in less than 5 hours..
my i'll be up all night!!!
thanks a lot
well at least i'll have a good answer when they ask why i'm so tired
'well someone elses boyfriend kept me up half the night'
funny stuff lady:)

Promises Promise

I promised C8 that I would never do this but I have posted a picture of MY dog. We have this new fancy lens for the camera. Super zoom lens and I have to admit that I am having WAY to much fun with it. Mostly standing in my bedroom window zooming into the neighbours house across the street. I'm not nosey, maybe I'm fighting crime.........or solving mysteries........DON'T JUDGE ME!!

Tuesday, 23 January 2007


I accidentally made the most DE-YUMMY dinner last night. So yummy that I have to tell the world......!!!!

As a Christmas gift, my naturopath student/working weekends at the finest of health food stores friend gave us an organic boneless lamb leg. I know this sounds weird but if you knew what a foody I am, well you'd know what a perfect gift it is. This being such a beautiful piece of meat, I wondered what to do with it. Maybe just roast it with the classic Greek spices but I was craving something else.

So here is what I did:
In a dutch oven type pan heated some EVOO, softened some onions, shallots and a tons of garlic. When done I pull them all out, in the same pan added a little more oil and put in the salt and pepered lamb leg that I had butterflyed and let it brown a little. Pulled it out and deglazed the pan with 3/4 a bottle of dry red wine, making sure to really scrap off the crispy bits. Added 3 tbsps of tomato paste and 1/2 a can of beef stock with water, oregano, 2 bay leaves and some thyme. Once bubbling I added the onion mixture and the lamb back in, put the lid on it and let it simmer for about an hour and a half, turning the meat over every 20 minutes. This made this very tender cut of meat soooooo tender. I pulled the meat out and let it rest for a little while and let the sauce reduce while cooking some basmati rice. To finish the sauce, I added a large pat of butter and about 1/3 of a cup of heavy cream. This made it very stroganoff in feeling. I sliced the meat in thin strips that put on top of a plate of rice and generously covered it in sauce. AND OMG!

I'd eat that! I had stale crackers and a bowl of cereal for dinner last night, nummy. At least I am not Rose, she had CAT FOOD!!! HAHAHAAAAIO@!&$(*&

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

wedding sores

Today I had lunch with a friend that I haven't seen in a really long time. She is one of "those" friends that I love and always have fun with but can only take in small doses. Since seeing her last, she married her boyfriend. A wedding that we were invited to and didn't attend.

My spouse is VERY popular.....WAY more popular then me and way more popular then any one can deserve but because of his vast popularity, we get invited to ALOT of weddings. Like way more weddings then I would ever want to go to. And more often then not, he is in the wedding party so I get to eat my rubber chicken alone surrounded by strangers. It is amazing to me how many people call him one of their best friends. After 15 years, total strangers to me will ask him to be a groomsman. Who are these people!

That said, when this friend of mine invited us to her nuptials, I was flattered but annoyed. It would be our 4th wedding that summer and it was turning out to be the most expensive one. It was a ALL WEEKEND event!!! Apparently her marriage is so important that she needs me to celebrate their love for THREE days. Her parents were hosting a dinner on the Friday night, golf for the boys Saturday morning while the woman were at the spa, then the wedding was followed by a "special" brunch on Sunday morning. I wondered where in the schedule we all witnessed the consummation. Then maybe it would be worth the $400 a night resort! So adding this all together, $800 for the hotel, $120 for golf, at least $100 at the spa, a gift - probably $150= $1170!! This cost more then either of my weddings!! Added together!!! I don't like anyone THAT much!

We sent our regrets (my cousins wedding was thankfully the same weekend) and wished them happiness. But as we got closer to the date I realized that the cousins was the weekend before and we could've gone.

Because life is nothing but complicated, today I had to explain to this friend that not only was the cousins wedding the weekend before, but that the spouse and I eloped to Mexico the day before her wedding and had forgotten to tell her...............................even though we have spoken on the phone several times..............over the last four months. Truth is, I didn't forget to tell her, it's just that everytime we spoke, it was all about HER wedding, and HER marriage and HER ring etc and I just couldn't bring myself to steal the thunder. It was important to her to be a bride and have her day so I wanted to give her as much of that as I could seeing that I couldn't be there the actual day and giving her this is FREE!
But boy was she pissed to find out that I beat her to the alter by one day!!! I took a too big bite of my sandwich and told her I loved her ring!!!

Did you tell her that a thousand dollars per guest could've fed many starving babies? Given someone a life saving operation? Provided clothing for homeless children? Seen a poverty stricken kid through university?
Wedding shmedding!
What are people thinking? Well, only of themselves, clearly, and that's not how you have a successful marriage. (I speak theoretically and from a common sense standpoint, having never been 'married')
Bless you for quietly going to City Hall and having a guest list of three.