Sunday, 10 September 2006


We've done it now!! The spouse and I have booked a trip to ALL INCLUSIVE!! Does this enter us into the relm of grey haired biddies? Do I have to learn how to play "canasta"?

Our exhaustion from the craziness of the past year of our lives has caught up with us. I told the travel agent that I wanted to go somewhere that someone would feed me and maybe even wipe my butt, preferably not the same person. And I wanted to leave in a week and we don't have current passports (mine expired 2 years ago and 'the spouses' picture he still has braces and a pimpily chin) Since our move 3 weeks ago all we have prayed for is sleep and our prayers haven't been answered so we have had to force the hand.

Maybe "my" prayers were answered.......but in the worst possible way. After 6 months of hard work, I lost my job on Thursday morning and had the trip booked before lunch. Budget cut backs (I worked for a not-for-profit) caused 3 of the last hired to be "layed off" with no chance of being rehired. I was only mildly surprised, I knew they were having $ problems. But I was surprised that my department got cut. I was the only one bringing $ into the place, more then enough to pay the cost of employing me. I only started my blog last week so I know I haven't been "dooced". Have I been "predooced"?

Will I be employable when I return from my ALL INCLUSIVE a 65 year old, theme sweater wearing, grey haired, saggy boobed, napper? Or will all the young wipper snappers be taking all the "good" jobs?

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

attention to detail

I have a terrible cough that is the remnants of a cold that I have been nursing for the last THREE weeks. I can't even breathe without it causing a new round of beached seal honking. Yesterday I coughed so much I broke a blood vessel in my eye. I showed it to 'the spouse' looking for sympathy and he asked "hasn't that always been there?". "Fourteen years, FOURTEEN YEARS you have known me and you think that I have had a blob of blood the size of a pea suspended in the white of my eye the whole time?.....without either of us ever commenting on it?"........He shugged. The power of his love overwhelms me....

Tuesday, 5 September 2006


I am a late bloomer and always have been. Whether it was the boobs I prayed for in high school or signing up for MySpace when everyone else I know has been on for years.
I love reading blogs and only hope that I can channel my blogging heros wit and prose,,, to name a few. But chances are I will sound more like a bland privilaged white snob that only thinks of herself. Amazing hard as I try, my life always has the same character starring in it......ME!